Papacy: The Greatest Masquarade On Earth

Our warfare is spiritual. Our real enemy: the system of falsehood and its author. It is not Pope Francis nor those who follow him.

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Return of the Papacy

Do you know the most effective arsenal of the Papal system? It is to appear ‘Christian’ by all means possible.

It can render God a ‘Christian service’, and that¬† ‘Christian service’ may be viewed as an act of faith to God even if it means treachery and murder. We have seen these. History is our witness.

There is also a group of people mentioned in the Bible with this kind of zealousness. They were called the Pharisees for which Saul (who became Paul) once a member. Their persecuting of the Jews gave them the conviction that they were doing a great honor to God. Paul was once the Christian persecutor who became Jesus’ apostle to the Gentiles. This was written to teach us that it may happen once again especially in this last days.

Using Goodness and Godliness

Today we can see the increasingly awesome wonders of papal display in this form of godliness and goodness.

I am a fan of Pope Francis’ personality as he is a person who has freedom to exercise faith. But don’t get me wrong. I am simply differentiating the person in himself, and the Papacy as a system of spiritual leadership in itself.

Wonder of all wonders, we don’t seem to find today a Papacy like that of the past. Most presume that the Papacy has changed after it acknowledges the wrongs of the past. But people are caught unaware that at this age the Papacy will by all means deceive the world by its appearance of godliness which will make nations honor its majestic display of righteousness.

Like an angel of light, the Papacy appeals to all to uphold righteousness in the fear of God. What will happen next is the most astonishing wonders of the times. Righteousness will be imposed in such a way that will deny a person’s freedom of conscience and all these are done for the sake of the peace and security of the whole.

People are so conformed to the Papal system of the times with all the display of righteousness and godliness that they will never realize history repeating itself. In effect, majority of the world are in deep delusion. They do not discern that this awesome display of godliness is an illusion.

How Do We Respond?

The true Christian will always be nice toward their fellowmen regardless of their background or religious affiliation, but will not allow himself to be deluded by these admirable displays.

Our warfare is spiritual. Our real enemy: the system of falsehood and its author. It is not Pope Francis nor those who follow him.

Be kind, be loving, be nice. But be firm when the issues fall between authentic faith and the counterfeit.

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