Answer to Eli Soriano’s “Salvation Outside The True Church”

The objective facts alone presented here will suffice to convince the readers that Eli Soriano is totally wrong when he intentionally twisted an Adventist statement to push his strawman fallacy.

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Answer to Sorianos Salvation Outside the True Church b
Ito po ay bahagi ng serye bilang sagot sa mga maling aral at information na ikinakalat ni Eli Soriano, kinikilalang sugo at propeta ng Members Church of God International, laban sa mga katotohanan sa Biblia.


Topic: Eli Soriano’s “Salvation Outside The True Church

Eli Soriano: “Does the SDA church also teach that there is no salvation outside their church?

Seventh-day Adventist Church “Regardless of the pretext, or how righteous the cause may appear, separation from the visible remnant [the SDA church] is apostasy from the body of Christ.” (E.R. Bacchus, president of the Ontario Conference of SDA, Canada, in Messenger, October, 1994, p 2).”

ANSWER: Does Eli Soriano really understand what he is saying here? This is just another case of a straw man argument committed by Eli Soriano. He shows his lack of honesty and sincerity in this article.

Either Soriano Ignored or Doesn’t Know The Meaning of ‘Apostasy’

First, Eli Soriano misunderstood the intention of E.R. Bacchus when he uttered the quoted statement above. Mr. Bacchus actually said: “Separation from the visible remnant [the SDA church] is APOSTASY.” He is not talking here about those people outside the SDA church who were not yet members. But instead, he is referring to those people who were inside the SDA Church and then WENT OUT of the church! That’s the reason why Mr. Bacchus used the term “APOSTASY”.

According to International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, “Apostasy” means:

“a falling away, a withdrawal, a defection. Not found in the English Versions of the Bible, but used twice in the New Testament, in the Greek original, to express ABANDONMENT OF THE FAITH.”

So Eli Soriano is either not honest here or maybe he doesn’t understand what he is doing or both! He quoted a statement to twist the facts about how the Seventh-day Adventist people understood the doctrine of salvation outside the church. Therefore, E.R. Bacchus himself never taught that the SDA believed that there is no salvation outside of their church. The issue he is talking here is about those apostates who did not remain inside the SDA Church.

The SDA do not teach that there is no salvation for others who are not members of the SDA church. This is just a product of Eli Soriano’s malicious and deceptive imagination.

Soriano’s Lack of Research: “copy-paste from another website”

The attitude Eli Soriano showed here only proved that he does not really understand what the SDA teaches about salvation. In fact, when I am preparing this article I discovered that Eli Soriano actually did not make an effort to do his homework. I found out that he just copy-and-pasted this actual quote from another website source critical of SDA Church! Here is my proof. Look closely on the similarities between these two quotes especially the sentence in bold letters:

The quoted statement used by Eli Soriano
The website from where Soriano copied the statement.

Second, the SDA church never taught in any way that “there is no salvation outside their church.” Here is the SDA official statement of belief regarding the salvation of those outside the SDA church:

“2. The invisible church. The invisible church, also called the church universal, is composed of all God’s people throughout the world. It includes the believers within the visible church [SDA church], and many who, though they do not belong to a church organization, have followed all the light Christ has given them (John 1:9). This latter group includes those who have never had the opportunity to learn the truth about Jesus Christ but who have responded to the Holy Spirit and “by nature do the things contained in the law” of God (Rom. 2:14).” [Seventh-day Adventist 28 Fundamental Beliefs p. 142]

“We believe that the prophecy of Revelation 12:17 points to the experience and work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but we do not believe that we alone constitute the true children of God-that we are the only true Christians-on earth today. We believe that God has a multitude of earnest, faithful, sincere followers in all Christian communions, who are, in the words of the question, “true witnesses of the living God in our age.” Ellen G. White has expressed our view plainly: “In what religious bodies are the greater part of the followers of Christ now to be found? Without doubt, in the various churches professing the Protestant faith.” The Great Controversy, p. 383.” [Questions on Doctrines p. 187]

The above objective facts alone will suffice to convince the readers that Eli Soriano is totally wrong when he intentionally twisted an Adventist statement to push his strawman fallacy that “there is no salvation outside the SDA church”.

For the Ang Dating Daan MCGI members who will read this article, my challenge for you is to write a response to this article in an objective and scholarly way avoiding any name calling etc. If you think I am the one who is wrong here please stand up and show me your case. If you keep silent on this matter this is just another proof that your self-proclaimed ‘wise leader’ Eli Soriano is a bankrupt and a false teacher.

But for those who are open minded, I offer this series of article as a contribution for your continuous research on the true doctrines of the Bible compared to the false teachings of Eli Soriano. Remember the Bible says: “Beware of the false prophets!”

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    I am very fortunate to be one of those who found the remnant church after a long journey from and through spiritual darkness. Praise be to God! I hope Bro. Eli will be in the Camp of Jesus very soon.